Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Sting (1973)

Tonight, after being greatly distressed that my Saturday night dinner companions were my parents and aunt, I comforted myself by watching The Sting for the fiftieth time and drinking a scrumptious sauv blanc. As a wonderful appetizer, TCM showed a short on Lauren Bacall narrated by Gregory Peck, which prompted me to buy her autobiography. Ugh, those cheekbones. Gorgeous.

Anyway, The Sting...

Robert Redford as Johnny Hooker

Paul Newman as Henry Gondorff

YUM. Even Robert Shaw as Doyle Lonnegan has a certain sexiness. Mostly, I think, because of his brogue and his bigstrongman-liness for which I am a sucker. Moving on, this movie is as pretty close to perfect as they come. Aside from the cast, which just speaks for itself, it has flawless direction by George Roy Hill. Scott Joplin composed the fab "Entertainer" score, one that always makes me wish I hadn't given up piano. Edith Head gives good costume design, as always. See what I did there? Har, so original. And I must mention Eileen Brennan's performance as Newman's GF, Billie, who is the quintessential tough broad who can carry five drinks on a tray while fending off an a-wipe cop at the same time. Man, why couldn't I have been a con man's girl in the Depression?